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"It was a week after Uncle Roy had passed away and celebration of his wake was tempered by the uncertainty of whether he had a Will. After much searching and angst it turned up in a shoe box at the bottom of a cupboard a week later"


Finding the last Will of loved ones can be a major challenge for many families. Upon the death of a person, their survivors will immediately be faced with a number of difficult issues. These issues are made more difficult to cope with at a time when those survivors must also cope with emotional issues like the grieving process.

With The Will Registry, your loved ones may locate your Will and any other legal documents you may wish to register. This may be done instantly, anytime and anywhere.

The name "The Will Registry" is self-explanatory and very easy to remember. It is the first logical place people think to visit to check the location of a person's Will and other legal documents.

When you have subscribed to The Will Registry, you are entitled to unlimited edits to your documents' location or details, anytime and anywhere.

With The Will Registry you no longer need to worry that nobody knows the location of your Will if the unthinkable was to happen to you. Your spouse, siblings or parents can easily locate your Will with The Will Registry. It provides significant peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Grieving and stressed family members now have a fast, reliable and professional service that will allow them to know the location of the Will of their deceased family member quickly and easily.

Your loved ones do not want to search through numerous drawers, safes, cupboards or even the whole house to attempt to find a Will.

For some, the process can be frustrating because the Will they find is not the latest and current Will. An ongoing search for the latest Will can cause unnecessary heartache, tension and unhappiness between family members, at a time when they least need it.

WARNING - The Will Registry strongly recommends that in order to protect the integrity of your documents, they be stored in a safe place; eg, solicitor's office, bank, safety deposit box or with your financial advisor. Please seek advice in this regard if required. You must feel confident that your documents are safe and cannot be interfered with.

Don't risk your property going to unintended recipients because your last Will cannot be found.

Register with The Will Registry today.