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"It was a week after Uncle Roy had passed away and celebration of his wake was tempered by the uncertainty of whether he had a Will. After much searching and angst it turned up in a shoe box at the bottom of a cupboard a week later"

Schedule Of Fees

The Will Registry offers several packages under the categories of Business Users and Personal Users.

Fees are as follows:

Personal User Plans

Plan Name Entries Available Yearly Plan Cost
Single 2 $11 annually
Small Group 5 $16.50 annually
Large Group 10 $27.50 annually
Commercial 20 $49.50 annually

Business User - Pay As You Go - Plans

Plan Name Entries Available Cost
          Corporate 1 25 $55
          Corporate 2 50 $88
          Corporate 3 100 $110
          Corporate 4 500 $275


Search Fee
There is a search fee of $11.00 per search