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"It was a week after Uncle Roy had passed away and celebration of his wake was tempered by the uncertainty of whether he had a Will. After much searching and angst it turned up in a shoe box at the bottom of a cupboard a week later"


Benefits of registering with The Will Registry.

  • Save legal fees which result from intestacy and other lost documents (eg trust deeds, leases).
  • Secure and confidential registration of location of important documents.
  • Unlimited online ability to edit your details.
  • Low cost service to locate important documents.
  • No time wasted in looking for lost documents.
  • Certainty as to location of important documents.
  • Time and cost efficiencies in finalising legal affairs of deceased (or other business matters).
  • Service available anytime from anywhere.
  • Certainty as to distribution of your estate.
  • Allow interested parties to know the location of your important docments, without disclosing the contents.
  • National Database can be accessed worldwide.

Did you know !!

  • Most people spend all their working lives to create assets, but give little thought to the distribution of those assets when they die.
  • 60% of people die without a Will (Intestate).
  • If you die intestate, the Government decides as to the distribution of your estate.
  • Of the 40% who have a Will, many are uncertain as to its location or validity.
  • A copy of a Will does not suffice for distribution of an estate. The original Will is required.
  • 50% of people who claim to have valid Wills, which require updating due to changing family circumstances.
  • Spouses or de factos should have separate Wills.
  • A Will is the only effective method to provide for guardianship of children if both parents die.
  • Wills should be updated when life circumstances change, (eg; divorce, death of a relative or beneficiary).
  • Generally marriage cancels a previous Will.
  • Many couples spend legal fees on divorce lawyers, but neglect to put their affairs in order following the divorce by making a new Will.
  • If a Trust Deed is lost, it may require an Order of the Supreme Court (at great expense) to reinstate the Trust.
  • Important documents should be kept together, eg; Will and Superannuation Trust Deed as they often will be required to be read in consultation with the other, eg; binding nomination to a Trust Deed.

Don't have your property given to unintended recipients
because your Will cannot be found.

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